In order to delete your account you must make sure a few things have been done.  

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn off your Guac Goals, this will stop Guac from transferring money:

- Click on you goal or goals to open and edit each goal

- Click on the top right hand corner to edit your goal

- Toggle the goal from on to off to pause all future savings

**Once your goals have been turned off, you may see one last transfer go through as your bank may be in the middle of processing a transaction from the day before. 

After all pending transfers have been made follow the instructions below:

  1. Transfer all of your money from Guac fund back to your bank account **This may take a few days as all money transferred to Guac must be settled in your Guac account for 3 business days before it can be transferred out.

  2. Delete your Guac Fund .. Tap your fund > tap delete fund > confirm delete fund

- If you would like a confirmation of your Guac account closure please email and we will provide the confirmation 

If you'd like to keep your account and just turn your fund off for a bit you can always do that too.

Just tap on your goal > click the edit button in top right > turn your fund status to "off" > (this will stop Guac from making any transfers while it is turned off).