Let me take a moment to explain how Guac works as this may shed some light on your questions. 

Guac is a savings account that is created in your name and is funded by your linked bank account.  All money saved in Guac is FDIC insured for up to $250,00.00. Every time you make a transaction with your linked bank account Guac transfers money to your savings account according to the rules you created when you set up your fund. 

For example:  Say you spend $100 at the grocery store and you told Guac to save 10% of all transactions up to $100 then once Guac sees that transaction it creates a transfer of $10 (10%) to your Guac account.  

Guac is an FBO savings account and requires that all funds transferred into this account must settle for 3 business days before they can be transferred out.  This is standard for FBO accounts and serves as a safety measure to help eliminate fraudulent transactions. 

The goal of Guac is to help our users save by putting a little money aside every time you make a purchase. 

Guac will only transfer what you set up your account to transfer. 

You can always edit your Guac fund's settings by:

Clicking your fund > clicking edit the top of your fund details > then edit your fund > click save. 

You can also turn your Guac fund off so that Guac stops making transfers if you want to take a break from saving. I have attached instructions on how to do this (see attachment: fund.instructions). 

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about your Guac account, I am here to help. 

Q: Why can’t I transfer my money? 

A: First, on behalf of the team here at Guac, I would like to say thanks so much for downloading and trying out Guac.  

We appreciate you and any feedback you may have for us : )

My name is Jason Martinez, I am the CTO here at Guac and I can help you out with any questions you have regarding your account. 

Guac is an FBO savings account and all the money transferred into your Guac account is required to settle in the account for 3 business days before it can be transferred out.  This is an industry standard for FBO savings accounts and serves as a security measure in order to prevent fraudulent transfers. 

Once the funds have settled in the account you can simply transfer them by following the attached instructions (see transfer.instructions).

Here are a couple of tips to help manage your Guac.  

You can always pause your fund so that Guac stops making automatic transfers. See attachment for instructions (fund.instructions)

Lastly, if you are concerned that you are saving too aggressively I would recommend you edit the rules of your Guac fund: 

Tap on your Guac fund > Tap edit in the top right corner > adjust the savings rules > tap save