Regarding your question about being charged, let me explain a little how Guac works as this may shed a little light on your question. 

Guac does not charge any money, Guac is only transferring money to save as according to the rules you created when you created your Guac fund.  

Guac is a savings account that is created in your name and is funded by your linked bank account. All the money you save in Guac is FDIC insured for up to $250,00.00. Every time you make a transaction with your linked bank account Guac transfers money to your savings account according to the rules you created when you set up your fund. 

For example: If you spend $100 at the grocery store and you told Guac to save 10% of all transactions up to $100 then once Guac sees that transaction it creates a transfer of $10 (10%) to your Guac account. 

The goal of Guac is to help our users save by putting a little money aside every time you make a purchase. 

If you don't have the funds to start saving now you might consider starting with something small, like saving 1-2 % on transactions up to $50.00.   

**Guac will only transfer what you set up your account to transfer. 

You can edit the rules of your Guac fund by:

Clicking your fund > clicking edit the top of your fund details > then edit your fund > click save. 

You can also turn your Guac fund off so that Guac stops making transfers if you are not ready to start saving yet.  I have attached instructions on how to do this (see attachment: fund.instructions).