1. User goes to More > Delete account
  2. User goes to Delete flow and sees all conditions that should be met in order to delete the account and initiates the deletion process by pressing Initiate delete account
  3. User enters the flow, step 1. No active savings goals. Savings goals are paused upon action, meaning instantly. (Beware, steps are mandatory, you cannot move from one step to the other without meeting the conditions)
  4. Enter step 2. Total Pending Deposits is $0.00. There are two types of pending deposits, 1a. with status Initiated 2a. with status Pending. User can only cancel pending deposits with status Initiated. If the status is Pending the user will need to wait once the transfer is available. With Some banks this is may take up to 10 business days, while someone who has been actively saving for at least 14 days in the past should be able to have this transaction done within 3 business days. User gets notified when a pending deposit with status pending is available.
  5. This is a dynamic step -> User get notified through a notification and email if they had pending deposit waiting to be available.
  6. When Total Pending Deposits are 0, user can then withdraw their money. (the user will do this independently, without the app guiding the user) utilizing the “Move Money” tab on their Guac home page. 
  7. Upon all money being cleared out and meeting the condition to Total balance is $0.00 user get an email and a push notification to permanently delete.
  8. When all conditions are met, user presses delete button and a pop-up confirmation will show up.
  9. When pressed delete account, all data gets permanently delete, user gets bank account disconnected and user get logged out to the welcome screen. An email is triggered as well in this moment of deletion to the user letting them know that all data and bank account has been disconnected.

INFO. A user can resume saving and stop the deletion process by just switching a goal status from paused to savings or by canceling the request to delete on the Delete flow on the bottom under the Delete button