The Guac Marketplace allows users to purchase from their favorite brands and earn cash back with no fees! You are eligible to receive Cash Back only if the purchase is made via the Guac Marketplace with your connected checking account/debt card. 

We add new partners every day & continue to build strong relationships with our partners to provide the best purchasing experience possible. Guac users can utilize their savings with any of our Guac Partners and receive cash back. 

1. View Partner Offers - See Cash Back details from each connected partner 

2. Qualifying Purchase - Complete your purchase from the Guac Marketplace by utilizing your connected checking account. Simply enter your debt card information to complete the purchase like normal. You will then be notified in 1-5 business days (this is based on our connected partners and we continue to improve the timing) if you would like to use any of your Guac Savings Goals. You can select which goal to pull from to complete the purchase & earn cash back. 

3. Earn Cash Back - Your Cash Back will be noted at the time of purchase and can be collected and delivered to any of your Guac Goals. 

4. Collecting Cash Back - Guac Users Cash Back will be available on each Guac Users homepage and can be collected to any of their Guac goals. Most Cash Back is delivered in 1-2 weeks (again based on our connected partners & we continue to improve).